Projects & Partners

Action for Children

In 2015 we were given a donation of money and camera equipment. This donation enabled us to work with Action for Children on a pilot project providing opportunities for children to have contact with donkeys and to record their visits.

The children worked with a variety of our donkeys on different sites, here are some of the photographs and feedback that we got:

“I liked taking pictures on this visit”

“I enjoyed all of it!”

“I liked seeing other donkeys – how are the ones we saw last time?”

If you could visit us again what would you most like to do?

“Hang out with the donkeys”

Is there anything else we could have done to make your visit more enjoyable?

“Taking the donkeys for a walk”

“More walking with the donkeys”

“Nothing I liked all of it”

Cist Gwynedd
Cist Gwynedd

We secured a grant from Cist Gwynedd in 2015 and used this support to develop our health and safety resources and procedures. We also developed our website and have produced an introductory leaflet.

Moel y Ci
Moel y Ci

During the summer of 2015 we took 3 of our donkeys to Farm Moel y Ci in Tregarth. They had a wonderful summer there and we were able to use the paths around Moel y Ci to lead guided walks and exercise the donkeys.

We made use of the barn at Moel y Ci when we held a number of Open Days, training sessions and ran our Saturday Club.

In 2016 we look forward to taking the donkeys back to Moel y Ci. We will be organising a regular events programme and open days.

Teulu Ni
Teulu Ni

In 2015 we offered donkey interaction sessions for families who were working with Teulu Ni in Gwynedd.  Children and parents had time out of doors meeting our donkeys, helping to look after them and taking them for a walk.

Saturday Club

Over the summer and autumn period in 2015, whilst Snowdonia Donkeys had some donkeys at Moel y Ci a number of volunteers ran a Saturday Club for young people. The Donkey Breed Society operate an award scheme to develop donkey care and knowledge. The activities undertaken at Saturday Club were practical sessions covering a number of items on the Donkey Breed Society Bronze Award scheme.

We covered:

  • Health and Safety around donkeys
  • How to lead a donkey
  • Identifying poisonous plants
  • Brushes and brushing a donkey
  • Donkey feet and a visit from the farrier