About Us

Our Purpose & Mission

Snowdonia Donkeys was established in 2013 to promote health and well-being through working and walking with donkeys in the local environment of North Wales. It is our mission to be a centre of excellence for the promotion of health and wellbeing of people and donkeys.

Key Objectives

Designing and delivering donkey assisted activities

Within the region there are a number of organisations which support vulnerable individuals. There exists the opportunity to work with partner organisations in order to design and deliver tailor made experiences to enhance well-being.

Providing opportunities for people to have contact with donkeys

Evidence to date has shown that individuals, groups or families have benefited from a range of opportunities to spend time with donkeys including organised walks and yard experiences.

Improving the welfare of local donkeys

Snowdonia Donkeys is mindful of the crucial role that large established charitable organisations such as The Donkey Sanctuary, Freshfields and the RSPCA have in promoting the welfare of donkeys. However, we recognise that there are a number of existing or new owners within the region who may benefit from support, guidance or mutual interest from other like-minded individuals.

Developing a suitably trained volunteer base

Snowdonia Donkeys acknowledges that volunteers contribute in many ways, their contribution is unique. Volunteering can benefit users of services, staff, local communities and the volunteers themselves. Snowdonia Donkeys values the contribution made by volunteers and is committed to involving volunteers in appropriate positions and in ways which are encouraging, supportive and which develops volunteers.

What people say about us

“I made great friends with Willow, we are now pals”, “So looking forward to my next visit!”

My 12 year old daughter and I had a wonderful day with the Donkeys and Ruth from Snowdonia Donkeys. We got to immerse ourselves in all things donkey and had lots of one to one time with the Donkeys. We had a fantastic day and Ruth showed us how to groom the donkeys, we got involved with feeding, mucking out and we took Nutmeg and Norman for a walk. We had a day to remember and in the words of my 13 year old “It was an amazing day”.